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Sir Serious Security Inc. serves as a Public Safety Company for many public and private clients. These clients are, but are not limited to construction sites, shopping malls, public safety, buildings/parking garages, machinery/bob cats, and personal security.

Sir Serious Security

We understand that today, more than ever before, security is a critical ingredient to a business’s success. Whether your business is corporate, industrial, commercial real estate, residential living, financial, educational governmental, retail or entertainment in nature, having a dynamic security solution in place is an absolute necessity. Our mission is to restore and uplift his community by providing job opportunities for people who have backgrounds that hinder their economic stability.

Sir Serious Security is a fully licensed and insured security company. Our security service provides exceptional custom security on the Westside of Chicago. While being in business for over three years our company has been able to establish relationships with the local community and the surrounding businesses that are in need of security.


Sir Carl Moman

Sir Carl Moman has always had a passion to serve and protect those around him. Sir was raised on the Westside of Chicago in Rockwell Gardens. Sir was ten years old when his little brother, Jeffery Avery Moman’s life was taken away from him in Rockwell Gardens on July 18 1993. Jeffery was only five years old when he was thrown from the CHA Rockwell Garden apartments’ window. As a result of this tragic incident Sir vowed to commit himself to protecting people around him. Sir created Sir Serious Security in the memory of his little brother Jeffery Avery Moman. Sir created Sir Serious Security from the ground up and gained clientele from relationships that he had already established from his previous jobs as a Union Steward for Local 6 Journey Laborer Sir's. Ambition and dedication to his brother allowed him to turn around his circumstances and help be a protector and employer in his neighborhood. With the leadership of Sir Carl Moman our company is growing and providing a safer community every day.

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